We offer consultants at all levels in the fields of accounting, controlling, investment and finance.

FinancePeople provides consultants for hire at all levels in finance and accounting. There can be a need to hire in consultants in situations such as:

  • Projects
  • Employees on leave
  • Challenging/uncertain economic times

Hiring period usually ranges from 3–12 months.

FinancePeople er spesialister på rekruttering, management for hire og innleie innenfor økonomi, regnskap og finans.

We offer hiring and Management for Hire within these areas:

CFO and Finance DirectorsControllingAccountingProject Resources

Quality assurance

We undertake a thorough assessment of all the finance specialists we provide for temporary positions. However, we often recommend to select a candidate with a little more expertise than what is required for permanent positions. This means the candidate will quickly become self sufficient more quickly, which will help with the client’s allocation of internal resources.

During the period of hire, FinancePeople has full responsibility as the employer in relation to payment of wages, tax deductions, employer’s contributions, insurance, workplace pension, etc. As our client, you pay only for work done. We are able to offer a fixed monthly fee for executive roles.

Customers often emphasise:

Rapid responseA flexible solutionA need for external expertiseUncertainty about whether the need is permanent

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Please contact Ottar Grindheim if you have any questions.

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