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Finance People uses different testing tools to find the right finance specialist for you.

"All positions require certain critical key qualifications. Ability to interact with others, communicate, workstyle and how one faces challenges is now considered more important than experience and educational background in order to succeed in the workplace.”
— Cut-e 

Det Norske veritas (DNV) - certified tools

Our industry offers differente types of assessment instruments. DNV has the responsibility to quality control the different systems, and we have decided to use a leading supplier and a market leader within online assessment tools in Norway; CUT-E.

The most frequently used tests are:

Shapes Executive

This test is specifically developed to select and develop senior managers and executives. Unlike the other tests, this focuses especialy on interpersonal relations.

Shapes – Work-Related Behaviour

This test identifies the candidates’ ability to approach:

  • other people (interaction)
  • work tasks (operational)
  • problemsolving (intellectual)
  • «inner forces» (emotional)

The profile describes what tasks the candidate is most suited.

Views – Work-related Interest and Motives

Personal values, mindset and interests are important factors for a person’s long-term career potential and capacity. Views identifies values, motivational factors and interests.

Ability Tests

Research shows that ability tests are useful tools for successful screening and selection. Certain positions require other criteria. However, it is important to use ability tests for positions that require a certain ability. It is an efficient way to single out the best candidates when they have little or no experience.

Our advisors hold certification to use the different assessment tools.