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FinancePeople offers recruitment and hiring in the fields of accounting, controlling,  investment and finance 

Our recruitment process stands out in that a financial expert performs all the processes. All our employees have hands-on experience in the fields of accounting and finance and have extensive networks within the type of position we recruit for. We believe that our approach creates a better customer experience and produces the best results. 

The right finance specialist

Our concept is to source the right finance specialist for you. For some customers, personal qualities will mean more than specific skill-sets. Others will emphasise the level of skill above personal qualities. Our expertise lies in mapping out what is right for you and your company and coaching you through the process. That is how we find you the right finance person.

The recruitment process

Our goal is to familiarise the client with the candidates as thoroughly as possible during the process so that they have the best basis to make the right decision. As our client, you can depend on the following:

  1. The mapping work is done by advisors with a good understanding of the specialist field
  2. Our advisors’ extensive contacts within finance provides good access to candidates
  3. Our process is characterised by focused work where we keep you, our client, informed about the process, with status updates along the way
  4. As our client, you will have good insight into the candidate’s profile when the person starts to work
  5. By choosing FinancePeople, you have improved the likelihood of making a good recruitment.
Please contact Henriette Kjærås Aaberg if you have any questions.