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Our advisors are finance specialists and they will work with you, the client, to map out your requirements.

FinancePeople’s objective is to make sure our client gets the best accountant or financial professional available.

Mapping of the Job

Our advisors are finance specialists and they will work with you, the client, to map out your requirements to find you the most suited candidate. We wish to be a sparring partner and challenge our customers to make the process as good as possible. Recruiting is our everyday work and we can only accomplish the best results by being an active advisor.

Searching for Candidates

We stand out from our competition as we do not separate between search and selection. We promise delivery. How the search-process will take place is decided between us and the customer. We demand high quality in our professional network and databases, as this is crucial in finding the best candidate. Our experience and wide network makes searching for the right candidate more efficient than what a generalist would be able to deliver.

Screening and Selecting Candidates

Our advisors do not hand over work to less experienced advisors, they evaluate the candidates themselves. Since they are involved in the entire process we have a better basis of evaluating the candidates. The assessment of competence, in combination with interviews and testing of characteristics, abilities and other conditions, all contribute to a less risky selection decision.  

Presentaion of Candidates

Our clients are companies that engage us. Our focus is therefore to give the customer full insight in the candidates’ profile. This will set the foundation and ease the process of following the candidate up after he or she is hired. We always participate in the interviews and conduct thorough reference checks of the selected candidate.     


Our follow-up consists of the candidates’ experience of the process as well as the customers’ experience of our services. Only when both parties are satisfied we consider it a successful process. FinancePeople aims to build long-term relations with our customers and have the opportunity to assist them in the future. In order to succeed we therefore have to follow up all parties involved in the process.