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If you are a finance person, FinancePeople is a good choice for several reasons

Understanding who you are and what skills you have requires insight and expertise from the advisor who is considering you as a candidate. Generalists are usually good at understanding who you are. FinancePeople’s expertise combines this with financial expertise so that  we fully understand your expertise. This makes us better able to find the most suitable job for you. 
Because we specialise, finance people come to us. Our goal is to be the preferred head hunter for finance people.

Register your CV in our database

Our objective in meeting candidates is to contribute to: 

  • A better understanding of what type of role will give you job satisfaction and success based on your profile
  • How to conduct a good interview and present yourself to the customer
  • How to relate to our industry

How do I get in touch with Finance People?

  1. Register your CV in our database 
  2. Apply for a specific position

Registering your CV in our database

The advantage of being in our database is that you will appear in our database searches, which we use to fill positions. Register your CV in our database. Keep in mind that a structured, well-organised CV is always a good starting point in any process.

How the process of applying for a specific position with FinancePeople usually works 

  1. Register your CV/upload your CV and cover letter
  2. Once you are logged on to the page where you register your CV, search for current, relevant positions by highlighting them in the system
  3. Relevant candidates are called in for an interview
  4. A client introduction is set up 3–5 weeks after initiating the process
  5. A decision is made 6–8 weeks after starting the process